NATO Communications and Information Agency

NCI Agency – Keeping NATO's edge

We are NATO's technology and cyber experts. We help NATO and its member countries fulfil their mission.

Our solutions underpin NATO's ability to perform Article IV (consultation) and Article V (command and control).

What we do

We are NATO's technology and cyber experts.

We are a team of 3,000 civilian and military staff members, located in 29 sites throughout Europe and North America.

We provide capabilities and services that are critical to NATO's ability to fulfil its core tasks of consultation, collective defence and crisis management.

We achieve this by working in partnership with industry, academia and not-for-profit organizations.

Our work helps NATO keep its technological edge.

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Working together for peace and security

NATO offers you more than a job. It gives you a mission: building peace and security for one billion people in Europe and North America. Our work is challenging and meaningful, and you'll develop your skills as part of a diverse and dynamic international team of civilian and military professionals. The projects aren't what you'd normally find in the private sector. You're on the frontlines against cyber-attacks. You're making sure troops have the tech they need to do their jobs. And solving our hard challenges has an impact on a massive scale.

Join us, and be part of the most successful Alliance in history.
Together, we are NATO.

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