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Command and Control Services

We work with industry partners to deliver advanced software to the Alliance.

Our services support multinational coalition operations on land, at sea and in the air. 

We work across the lifecycle of Command and Control (C2) services, from research and development to operational support. The Command and Control Service Line delivers C2-related services wherever they are needed. 

For example, our Shared Early Warning Application Service provides users with NATO's 24/7 early warning capability to disseminate information on any launched Tactical Ballistic Missile. The Service is based on U.S. national capabilities. 

Another example: we offer a service that provides users with a quick and easy way to analyse C4ISR data flowing on operational, test and exercise networks. 

We are also responsible for delivering a set of applications to NATO Nations through an App Store we call the Electronic Definitive Media Library, or EDML

The EDML is one part of a two-fold Agency effort to design and deliver better applications called the NCI Agency Software Factory.

 We deliver solutions for areas such as:

  • C2 interoperability
  • Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) defence
  • Data exchange mechanisms
  • Enablement and Logistics Services
  • Land, maritime, nuclear, joint operations and special operational forces C2
  • Situational awareness