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Step 5: Clearances

Timeline – on average 6 months

Staff members must fulfil certain conditions under NATO Civilian Personnel Regulations:

  • You must demonstrate that you fulfil the physical standards demanded in the post. You also have to be recognized as being free from or definitely cured of any disease which might constitute a risk to others. This will all be demonstrated in a medical file that you will submit after being offered a position. The Agency will help you understand what is needed for your position.
  • The NCI Agency must receive a security clearance certificate from the government of the country or countries where you are a national. Obtaining clearances might be a lengthy process, taking six months on average, depending on the nation.

Medical file

If you are selected for the post, you will be required to complete a medical questionnaire, undergo medical analyses if needed (this is based on the requirements for the post), and provide a doctor's assessment which you will have to submit to our medical advisor, who will then assess whether you have the required abilities and are fit for the post.

Security clearance

A valid security clearance at the appropriate level (the level depends upon the requirements of the post) must be received in the Agency Security Office before we can hire you. This formality is carried out by your national authorities, upon NATO's request. If you do not currently hold a clearance, you will be sent a number of forms for completion along with your letter or shortly after receiving your offer letter. The time required to obtain a security clearance varies from several months to 1.5 years, depending on various elements beyond NATO's control (your nationality, background, employment history, etc.).