IT Modernization (ITM)

When NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency was formed in 2012, it inherited all of NATO's Information Technology (IT) assets. To best optimize this complex landscape, the Agency required a comprehensive understanding of NATO's asset ecosystem, including its shortcomings and opportunities for improvement. Further to this, a bilateral study with industry indicated that modernizing NATO's IT landscape could reap significant reward for the wider NATO Enterprise. Since then, NCI Agency has developed a strategy to realize these gains, thereby improving NATO's infrastructure and ability to provide high quality, robust, standardized and cost effective IT services.

The ITM Programme will:

  • Streamline NATO's IT service offerings, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of NATO's information technology.
  • Use a customer funded delivery system to increase the flexibility and scalability of IT services.
  • Deliver services from a centralized set of locations, optimizing resource utilization (both civilian and military).
  • Introduce a common IT management and operations surveillance layer, increasing effective governance.
  • Implement NATO-wide business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities, arming NATO with increased security and defence in the face of cyber incidents or attacks.

The Future of ITM

In 2017, a number of puzzle pieces have aligned, making it possible to proceed with ongoing NATO-wide IT Modernization initiatives:

  • The ITM Programme Office awarded the main ITM Project contract (Work Package 1) to the successful bidder, General Dynamics IT, on 30 March 2017 (link)
  • Bechtle AG, in partnership with Dell Computers, Inc., will supply Client Equipment and Accessories throughout NATO under ITM Work Package 2. The contract has been awarded on 19 May 2017 (link).

  • Under ITM Work Package 6, Leonardo (formerly Selex ES, NCIRC FOC contractor) will adapt existing NCIRC nodes and install new nodes to protect and secure the ITM Data Centres in Mons, Belgium, and Lago Patria, Italy. The contract was awarded on 16 June 2017.

The ITM Programme Office, supported by Gartner Consulting, is working towards the next major milestones:

  • Introducing Cloud Based Services Enterprise Design under ITM.
  • Announcing the successful bidders for the Enterprise-NATO Public Key Infrastructure (E-NPKI) Project and NATO Communications Infrastructure (NCI) Project.
  • Making Data Centres in Mons and Lago Patria operational in February, 2018.

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