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Watch the video or follow the steps below to initiate your registration to Neo.

1. Supplier Registration Form

  • Fill in and sign the Supplier Registration Form and send it to [email protected]. In the Form, Suppliers are asked to identify the main Neo Account Manager and Financial contact, as well as agree to the attached Neo Terms of Use
  • NCI Agency will send you an acknowledgement by email
  • Once your records have been verified by NCI Agency, your Neo account will be created. There are two security layers to allow access to Neo:
  1. The first set of credentials to access Neo Gateway  
  2. The second set of credentials to access Neo Login


Part 1. Neo Gateway

  • You will receive an SMS with your username and a temporary password (temporary password expires after 10 days. Make sure to activate your account within that timeframe, otherwise request a new gateway access through the Neo Service Desk)
  • Go to Neo Gateway Login and enter your Gateway credentials
  • Follow screen instructions to change your password at first login
  • For all future gateway log-ins, you will also need a one-time confirmation code sent via SMS

Neo Landing Page

  • After the Gateway, you are redirected to the Neo Landing Page
  • This is your guidance hub with all information about how to navigate through the system
  • Click on Neo Login in the top right corner of the Neo Landing Page

Part 2. Neo Login

  • For the Neo Login, you should have received two separate emails:
  1. Email containing your username
  2. Email with your temporary password

  • Enter your credentials and follow the instructions on the screen to set your personal password
  • You now have access to Neo dashboard. For more details on navigating the system according to your assigned role, please refer to the guidance available on Neo Landing Page


  • All registered Suppliers will receive an invitation to self-register to the Neo Service Desk
  • Neo Service Desk is accessible through both Neo Landing Page, as well as directly through the URL from the email
  • In case there is a need for Neo Service Desk password reset for any of the supplier accounts in Neo,  Account Managers must raise a ticket in Neo Service Desk