Our services

 The NCI Agency is charged with delivering NATO-wide C4ISR with greater efficiency, effectiveness and savings. 

Part of the increased efficiency will come from understanding the customers' current and emerging requirements and adopting a whole life cycle view of all services and products that the Agency provides, including taking a strategic view of when to retire current operational services and what services, if any, they should be replaced with. Key to meeting this mandate is the development of a single, coherent service portfolio, including a customer-facing service catalogue.

The Agency has a 24/7 mission to:

  • Connect the Alliance.
  • Defend its networks.
  • Provide rapids support to NATO operations and missions.
  • Deliver critical capabilities, including: the command and control technology for NATO's ballistic missile defence, the Air Command and Control System (ACCS), support to NATO's Joint ISR Initiative and Federated Mission Networking (FMN).
  • Through bilateral and multinational projects assist NATO and Partner Nations in developing interoperable and cost-effective capabilities in the areas of C4ISR.
  • Support Nations in cost-effective certification of their NATO Response Force elements by re-using solutions tried and tested in Afghanistan.

While the maturity steps reflect the evolution of the NCI Agency portfolio and catalogue developed via a "top-down" approach, starting from a small number of high-level Service Groupings, it is recognized that there is a need for continuity in the delivery of services to our customers. Until a fully costed, customer-facing service catalogue is available, the interim catalogue comprised of the list of existing services will continue to be maintained, hence supporting the customers in their requirements specification during the interim period.

At this moment, the five main service groupings are: 

1. Consultation, Command and Control (C3) and Enterprise Services
2. Operational and Planning Support Services 
3. Enterprise-wide ICT Services
4. C4ISR Enabling Services
5. Internal Support Services

These services are represented and provided through various Service Lines, which are responsible for delivering a number of sub-services as depicted in Annex A of the Interim catalogue. Definition and grouping of sub-services was done using the C3 Taxonomy of service definition as the major guidance document. Service Strategy is accountable as the design authority through Enterprise architecture including coherence within the and between service lines.