​Service Support and Business Application

The Service Support and Business Applications (SSBA) Service Line is responsible for planning and executing all lifecycle management activities such as design, transition, operations and retirement for all logistics (service support) and business application services including subject matter expertise, research and development, software engineering, acquisition and operations & maintenance in the following community of interest (COI) technical service areas:

· Human Resources COI Application services
· Budget and Finance COI Application services
· Acquisition Support Application Services
· Business Process Management Application services
· Project Management COI Application services
· Business Intelligence Application services
· Logistics COI Application services
· Medical COI Application services
· Travel Management services
· Information Management COI Application services
· Facility and Conference Management services
· Application Lifecycle Management Services
· Demand Management Application Services

The SSBA SL will maintain a Service Roadmap for each Service (or set of Services). This roadmap will represent the corporate view how a Service is planned to evolve over time combining Strategy, Architecture, Demand and Innovation/Technology aspects. Every Service Roadmap will be part of the overall C4ISR Roadmap maintained at corporate level ensuring the SSBA SL activities are fully in line with the Agency Strategy towards increased effectiveness and efficiency in C4ISR in order to reduce cost and enhance quality for the Alliance.

The key objectives of the SSBA SL for the 2018-21 time frame and beyond are the acquisition, implementation and roll-out of advanced Enterprise Business Applications (EBA) in order to realize the benefits and savings expected from the Agency merger that formed the NCI Agency mid-2012 and the delivery of one of the key functional services capability packages, LOG FS CP, which will provide full spectrum of IT services to NATO logistics, medics and finance organizations by 2026.

Acting Service Support and Business Applications Service Line Chief
Dr. Franco Fiore