Education and Training

The Agency has established the Education and Training Service Line under the Directorate of Application Services (DAS) to be accountable for the provision of Education and Training Services to NATO and the Nations.


The mission of the Education and Training Service Line is to manage, coordinate and deliver Education and  Individual Training (E&T) services to Agency customers and internal staff in support of NATO strategic, operational and business objectives.


The Service Line provides individual and collective training on NATO Communications and information systems (C&I), including AirC2, supports to the Military Training and Exercise Programme (MTEP), and assistance to NATO and National Commands preparing for NATO operations. It also provides E&T services for internal Agency staff in support of professional and personal development, and mission (post) specific requirements to ensure that the Agency has the necessary skills to meet customer requirements.


More than 240 courses are offered by the NATO CIS School (NCISS) in Latina, ITA, the AirC2 Training Group in Glons, Mons, BEL, as well as Agency courses held in Mons, BEL and The Hague, NLD. It equally includes courses organized by the NCI Agency, but provided by commercial parties.

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Our comprehensive training course catalogue covers the entire spectrum of C4ISR (including traditional CIS) and Cyber Security. Training is available on many of the services and systems provided by the NCI Agency. The Catalogue also explains the traditional “bidding” procedure for seat allocation as well as the costs for each of the courses.

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NCIA 2017 Course Plan


The 2017 Bidding Process has been finalized.  As an output the 2017 Seats Allocations have been distributed to the requesting Training Coordinators (by e-mail).

In order to set your students to the allocated seats please go to Student Data Base Application (STUDABA). Each student must be set 6 weeks prior the course starts as latest. After this due date all unfilled seats will be reallocated based on Waiting List.

Additional seats  out  of the Bidding Procedure  might still be requested via STUDABA throughout the entire year. Such requirements will be treated individually based on available resources.


2017 Calendar Seats Available
2017 Seats Allocation STUDABA

STUDABA User Guide


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