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Service Support and Business Application Services

We work with industry partners to deliver advanced software to the Alliance.

The Service Support and Business Application (SSBA) Service Line supports the full life-cycle of a number of IT services that can be grouped in two distinct domains: military logistics command and control (C2) IT services and "back office" business IT services.

The military logistics C2 IT Services support functions such as logistics, medical and engineering. The Logistics Functional Area Services (LOGFAS) System is a well-known system in the military C2 domain, and enables multinational movement and transportation planning and execution management, sustainment planning and logistics reporting. LOGFAS is currently operational at the NATO strategic and operational commands and as part of NATO Deployable CIS Capability. LOGFAS services are also used by NATO Force Structure elements and Nations.

SSBA also collaborates with Allied Command Transformation (ACT) to explore innovative approaches for capability delivery in the medical as well as Operational Logistics Chain Management (OLCM) domains.

The "back-office" business side of SSBA provides IT services to business functions such as finance and human resources, as well as portfolio, programme, project, service and resources management. SSBA also provides IT services to the acquisition functions for the Alliance, including the NCI Agency itself. Large-scale Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are under this umbrella.

To better position the Agency to address the IT needs of the Alliance, the Agency is currently undergoing a programme to uplift, harmonize and integrate its own "back office" business IT systems. The SSBA manages the Enterprise Business Applications (EBA) Programme, with Release 1 going live in January 2019, and Release 4 scheduled for deployment in 2023.

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