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Here you will find all the latest information for students, customers and training coordinators.

Request training

Following directions by the Nations, the NCI Academy is required to be fully customer funded from 2021 onwards. Each customer will require a contractual agreement before training can be provided. To this end, the NCI Academy has developed an agreement specifically for training - the Service Support Training (SST) Package. The aim of the SST is to provide required funding and delivery flexibility and to streamline the delivery management between the customer and provider at the lowest eligible decision-making level. An example SST is available on request through nci.academy.business@ncia.nato.int.

Further details on how to do business with the NCI Academy can be found in the section Preparing for 2023 in the 2023 Course Catalogue, or in the document How to book individual training - SST overview. If you have any questions, please contact us at nci.academy.business@ncia.nato.int.


Course plan, catalogues and brochures

The NCI Academy Cyberspace learning catalogue is under constant review and approval by various NATO bodies. Customers are therefore advised to check regularly for the most recent and up-to-date version published here.

In addition, as part of the annual cycle, in the first quarter of the year, the NCI Academy conducts a comprehensive course review for the following year, identifying courses to be retired and including new courses in the pipeline.


How to sign up

Student registration is done through your training coordinator once an appropriate agreement is in place. Further general information can be found in the 2023 Training Catalogue. If you require specific details such as your training coordinator, information regarding training administration or details on future courses, please contact nci.academy.business@ncia.nato.int.


For students

We offer more than 200 courses at our training facilities in Oeiras, Portugal; Mons, Belgium; and The Hague, the Netherlands. This includes courses organized by the NCI Agency, but provided by commercial partners. Many courses are also available online.

Joining instructions for students:


Preparing for 2023

NCI Academy is getting ready for the 2023 academic year with more trainings available for customers. To that end, your organization is requested to consider its 2023 training needs. Our "Invitation to Submit NCI Academy 2023 Training Bids" (known as the Bidding Letter) and the Course Request Spreadsheet provide guidance on how to request training from the NCI Academy. Customers are reminded that training delivery by the NCI Academy is fully customer funded, as per terms and conditions agreed to by customers in the Service Support Training Package (SST). For those customers who are not familiar with the SST process, a comprehensive overview of how to do business with the NCI Academy can be found in the 2023 NCI Academy Cyberspace Learning Catalogue. Potential customers should note that the NCI Agency may require further authorization from the Agency Supervisory Board before providing training services to non-NATO customers.

For further clarification, please contact the NCI Academy Business Team on nci.academy.business@ncia.nato.int.

The 2023 Training Catalogue is available in the section "Course plan, catalogues and brochures".


Contact the NCI Academy


All generic questions and enquiries about the NCI Academy can be addressed to:

E-mail: nci.academy.admin@ncia.nato.int


All questions and requests related to business matters such as bidding, Costumer Request Forms (CRFs), Service Support Training (SST) staffing, interpretation of business rules, reporting, invoicing, costumer contact details or the Academy training catalogue can be addressed to:

E-mail: nci.academy.business@ncia.nato.int

Training delivery

All questions and requests related to training delivery matters such as quality, scheduling, seat allocations, turn-backs, student confirmations, prerequisites, students arrangements, course quality and joining instructions can be addressed to:

E-mail: nci.academy.delivery@ncia.nato.int

Our addresses

NCI Agency Oeiras

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Oeiras 2780-070


NCI Agency The Hague

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The Netherlands

NCI Agency Mons

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