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Here you will find all the latest information for students, customers and training coordinators.

Latest announcements

Our newest brochure, 'Introducing the NCI Academy' is now available. It provides a general overview of the NCI Academy, and features information on all of our activities.

You can download our brochure here.

Latest announcements

Important: Download a COVID-19 message from the NCI Academy from 15 April 2021 here.

New revised version of the NCI Academy C4ISR and Cyber training catalogue 2021 is now available. Download the catalogue here.


Doing business with the NCI Academy

Following directions by the Nations, the NCI Academy is required to be fully customer funded from 2021 onwards. Each customer will require a contractual agreement before training can be provided. To this end, the NCI Academy has developed an agreement specifically for training - the Service Support Training (SST) Package. The aim of the SST is to provide required funding and delivery flexibility and to streamline the delivery management between the customer and provider at the lowest eligible decision-making level. An example 2020 SST is available on request through training@ncia.nato.int.

Further details on how to do business with the NCI Academy can be found in the section Preparing for 2021 in the 2021 Course Catalogue, or in the document How to book individual training - SST overview. If you have any questions, please contact us at training@ncia.nato.int.


Course plan, catalogues and brochures

During the onset of COVID-19 crisis the NCI Academy paused face-to-face training, conducted a thorough review of the 2020 Course Plan, and gathered feedback to ensure we prioritize the courses that are of highest importance to our customers.

The 2020 Revised Course Plan is complete and has been published via the Academy Newsletter, which is sent to all Training Coordinators. As of 17 August 2020, the Academy has resumed face-to-face training in Oeiras, The Hague, and Mons in addition to Mobile Training Teams in accordance the Revised Course Plan.


How to sign up

Student registration is done through your training coordinator once an appropriate agreement is in place. Further general information can be found in the 2021 Training Catalogue. If you require specific details such as your training coordinator, information regarding training administration or details on future courses, please contact training@ncia.nato.int.


For students

We offer more than 200 courses at our training facilities in Oeiras, Portugal; Mons, Belgium; and The Hague, the Netherlands. This includes courses organized by the NCI Agency, but provided by commercial partners. Many courses are also available online.

Joining instructions for students:


Preparing for 2021

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the NCI Academy continues to plan for 2021 and we encourage all customers to do the same. In April 2020, we sent a letter inviting customers to develop their training requirements for 2021. This is known as the 'bidding letter.' This early engagement allows customers to make their budget submissions with reasonably accurate pricing information. In the ensuing months, customers will refine their requirements while the NCI Academy refines its course offering and prices for the following year, culminating in the formalization of the process through the submission of an NCI Agency Customer Request Form and the development of the SST Package.

Click here to see the bidding letter for 2021 NCI Agency Training.

Request 2021 Bidding Letter Annex (spreadsheet)


Preparing for 2022

Please note the date changes of this planning cycle.


Contact the NCI Academy

For more information on our courses, services and training contracts contact the NCI Academy Business Team at Tel +32 2 360 5800 (Mons, BEL) or training@ncia.nato.int.

General enquiries

NCI Academy Management

E-mail: academy@ncia.nato.int

For customers and training coordinators:

NCI Academy Business Planning Group

E-mail: training@ncia.nato.int

For students:

NCI Academy Training Coordination and Control Group

E-mail: trainingadministration@ncia.nato.int

Phone: +351 21 440 4444

Our addresses

NCI Agency Oeiras

Reduto de Gomes Freire

Estrada da Medrosa

Oeiras 2780-070


NCI Agency The Hague

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2597AK The Hague

The Netherlands

NCI Agency Mons

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