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Workstream Collaboration Services (WCS), which is a set of services that allows NATO staff to work collaboratively on a daily basis. The services cover features such as direct and group messaging, alerts, notifications, activity streams, files, tasks, and real-time audio and video, which can be used for both ad-hoc collaborations and team-focused collaboration needs.

Unclassified Voice Collaboration Service

With this service, you can talk to other people over the phone or through military and commercial networks, no matter where you are. It saves you time and money on travel expenses. 

Service Catalogue number: WPS009.

 Video (VTC) Collaboration Service

This service allows you to have face-to-face video chats with people in different locations, supporting multi-user collaboration. You can schedule meetings, monitor VIP attendees, record and playback sessions, and connect with third-party services. 

Service Catalogue number: WPS010.

Workstream Collaboration Service

This service provides a virtual workspace for NATO staff to collaborate, communicate, and organize their daily tasks. It includes direct and group messaging, real-time audio and video, and search capabilities for team-focused collaboration. 

Service Catalogue number: WPS012.

Secure Voice Service

This voice collaboration service allows you to communicate securely with other domains outside the NATO VoSIP network, with real-time secure communication between multiple parties, improving Command and Control effectiveness and saving travel costs. 

Service Catalogue number: WPS014.

Voice Loop Service

This service allows for easy communication between multiple parties, such as CAOC's and CRC's, increasing reliability, flexibility, and response time to Air Defence Centre missions over NATO North and South Regions. The Service allows the user to participate in different Conferences (Voice Loops) established with different locations with the ability of IP Voice recording. 

Service Catalogue number: WPS015.

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