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NATO's Cyber Security Centre

We defend NATO networks 24/7.

The NATO Cyber Security Centre provides specialist cyber security-related services throughout the life cycle of NATO's technology.

The Centre provides cyber security services to NCI Agency customers and users, as well as to all other elements of the Agency.

We provide specialist services to prevent, detect, respond to and recover from cyber security incidents. 

We also act as a hub for real time cyber information sharing, training and expertise for Allies and Partner Nations. Through our new Cyber Security Collaboration Network, National Computer Emergency Response Teams are able to quickly and securely share technical information with us, and each other.

The Agency took the first step to launch the network on 12 February 2019. Allied Computer Emergency Response Teams from 20 Nations can access NATO's protected business network, which provides an encrypted workspace with secure video, voice, chat and information gathering. 

To stay prepared, NATO and the Nations train together regularly and thoroughly, including on aspects of cyber defence.

CIS3 Partnership for CIS Security Standards Development

The CIS3 Partnership focuses on the development and maintenance of security standards for interoperability in the area of Consultation, Command and Control (C3).

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