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Young Professionals

Kickstart your career at the NCI Agency, where your impact is global.

Immerse yourself in the diverse environment of an international organization, where your knowledge and fresh perspective will be truly appreciated. Through our programmes for interns and recent graduates, we aim to bring new innovative ideas into the Alliance. Our environment will offer you unparalleled work experience for your CV.

We have opportunities for both current students, and recent graduates. Due to the time it can take for you to obtain a security clearance, consider applying to our positions earlier rather than later. We don't want you to miss out on this incredible experience!

Click on the tabs below to learn more about our internships and opportunities for recent graduates. 

Are NCI Agency interns paid?

Yes, NCI Agency Interns are compensated at a fixed rate. Interns may receive emoluments from outside sources (such as scholarships or grants).


What are the typical duration of an internship?

  • Belgium is 6 months
  • Portugal and Netherlands is 3 - 10 months

Other locations can vary with the allocated time for internship duration being contained within the details once the internship is advertised.


Who is eligible to apply to a NCI Agency internship?

  • Only nationals and citizens of NATO Member States can apply to the Internship
  • You need to be a university student in their final year of study or have gradated within 12 months a submitted application to an NCI Agency internship


How can I apply for the NCI Agency Internship Programme?

Please ensure that you meet all eligibility requirements before applying to the NCI Agency Internship. Carefully review the vacancy advertisements that you are interested in and verify that your educational background and experience fulfil the criteria. You may submit multiple applications, but you are encouraged to only apply to positions you are qualified for.

  1. To submit an application, you must first create an account in NATO's Careers Platform. Click on "Sign In" in the upper right corner and you will be directed to a page where you can create a "New User" account. Please note that we do not accept applications that are not received via the Careers site.
  2. After selecting the internship you wish to apply for, you will be asked to respond to a set of pre-screening questions to support your application prior to uploading your CV
  3. Once you have reviewed your responses, you can submit your application. You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your submission and will then receive an request to complete the on-demand evaluation for the internship that you've applied for which is required to be completed by midnight CET of the closing date for applications.


Can I apply for more than one internship at a time?

Yes, you can. First ensure that you meet the specific requirements for each post that you are applying to. When applying for more than one internship, beware that you must submit a separate application form for each internship.


Can I join the Internship Programme if I hold a Scholarship or a grant?

Yes, you can. Whether or not you hold a grant or scholarship has no influence on the internship selection process.


What are the chances of employment at the NCI Agency and NATO after the internship?

Internships are not directly linked to recruitment.


Are there any additional requirements for interns?

  • Insurance: Interns are responsible for their own health and accident insurance and are required to hold a valid health insurance which satisfies the requirements of the Host Nation (the country where they will be working from). Interns are only covered by accident insurance for occupational risks (invalidity/death) that occur during the working hours/period of the internship.
  • Administrative Formalities with Host Nation: Interns will be responsible for fulfilling all administrative formalities required by the host nation, such as registration of housing and obtaining an identification card upon arrival in the Host Nation. Interns coming from a Non–EU country are not required to obtain a visa for the internship.


Where I can find details on the NATO Young Professionals Programme?

Further details of the NATO Young Professional Programme can be found here on the NATO website.