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Step 2: Screening

Shortlisting - Timeline – 2-3 weeks

After the closing date, your application will be reviewed. You will not hear from the Recruitment Team until this step is complete. Please be patient while this process is taking place. You will be notified via e-mail regardless of the outcome of your application.

Shortlisted candidates, depending on the position applied for, might be invited for further assessments:

Technical Tests

Technical tests usually cover the technical skills required for the position. Generally, the test takes between 1 and 2 hours. Some are administered remotely, and some are administered at the Agency premises. Tests are scored by the Selection Board based on predetermined criteria.

You will receive an e-mail letting you know if you have passed or not. It will also give you more information on the next steps in the recruitment process.


Personality Assessments

If the position requires an assessment test you will receive an e-mail from one of our providers. They will request that you complete an online assessment, which once opened, will give you a limited amount of time to complete and return. If you receive this email, we ask you to complete the assessment as soon as possible to avoid holding up the next steps in the process. Afterwards you will receive an e-mail with the outcome of your assessment and information on the next steps in the recruitment process.


Preliminary interviews - HireVue

For most positions the Agency uses a video interviewing platform called HireVue to pre-screen candidates. HireVue offers you the ability to share your story and explain your work through video recorded answers to our questions. 

On the platform, you will be given a chance to practice answering us on camera with a set of practice questions. Keep in mind, these are just practice questions to get you comfortable with the platform. The Agency questions for your actual interview may be quite different. 

You will likely be given five days to complete the request, and you can record your answers at any time you wish. You can learn more about this type of interview, and get some useful tips on the HireVue website

You might also be requested to attend a live video interview via this system. In this case, you will be interviewed by a panel which will include the hiring official, the technical advisor, the human resources representative and possibly a civilian staff association member. 

Candidates are notified of the outcome by e-mail. Successful candidates will also receive information on the next steps in the recruitment process.