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Submission period: 23 April – 16 May 2021 | NITEC Connect: 16 – 17 June 2021

NATO is looking to leverage effective and innovative solutions that can make a difference for the Alliance.

Who can apply: Any company from 30 NATO member countries can respond to the call for proposals to be pitched at NITEC Connect in June.


The NCI Agency, in partnership with the NATO Space Centre located in AIRCOM, are seeking industry solutions related to applications that can improve or contribute to Space Situational Awareness (SSA). NATO defines SSA as the understanding of a space object's position (in time). This includes both objects that are active functional systems, de-commissioned systems or debris, whose positional awareness is critical for operational planning purposes. An effective SSA capability offers opportunities to understand space systems operating in, from, to and through space, while providing the ability to anticipate and mitigate potential threats to space-based systems and/or the environment. SSA offers the ability to understand and mitigate potential threats to space based systems. The aim of this space focused pitch day, planned during NITEC Connect, is to identify applications that can process and visualise multiple streams of open-source data, providing aspects of SSA, such as one or more of the following (note this list is not exhaustive):

  • Dynamically calculate sensor coverage gaps (including due to terrestrial weather conditions) over an area of interest as defined by the user;

  • Dynamically calculate sensor ground coverage over time;

  • Identifying potential electro-magnetic interference issues over defined areas of interest, both -space-based and ground-based;

  • Assessing ground-based augmentation effects based on the location of PNT and ISR satellites;

  • Using forensic data fusion identify geolocation and characterization of radio-frequency emitting sources in a range of frequencies to be set by the user;

  • Fuse/Analyse various intelligence sources necessary to provide operationally relevant SSA to the user.

Solutions can include any combination of methodologies and technologies, to include artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Solutions that can use open standards such as ESRI REST, OGC WMS, OGC WMC, OGC WFS and OGC KML will be advantageous.

Solutions must specify the degree of accuracy of the data used.


  • Feedback/ mentoring session with NATO space leadership;

  • Potential to demonstrate their solution on-site with NATO;

  • Potential to put their system into operational use with NATO;

  • One registration waiver for admission to the next NCI Agency flagship conference; and

  • Featuring of winners via the NCI Agency's and NATO AIRCOM communication channels.


Interested applicants submit the required information about their proposal via a dedicated online submission form available on this page. If applicable, any relevant attachments in support of a submission can be subsequently sent to [email protected], no later than the announced date of the closure of the submission period.


Launch date: 23 April 2021

Deadline to submit: 16 May 2021

Announcement of the selected pitches: week of 24 May / 1 June 2021

Virtual pitch session and announcement of the best solutions: 17 June 2021


Please read carefully the full terms of reference here.

You can submit your proposal for NATO Space Pitch Day here.

You can send any attachments relevant to your application to [email protected].

For any questions, contact the Industry Relations team at [email protected].