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Who we are

We lead NATO's digital endeavour.

We are NATO's technology and cyber leaders. We help NATO Nations communicate and work together in smarter ways. Our solutions underpin NATO's ability to perform Article IV (consultation) and Article V (collective defence).

The Agency was established on 1 July 2012 as part of a NATO reform. But the Agency was built on a 65-year legacy, as our predecessors supported Allied operations long before. We have decades of experience of working side-by-side with NATO soldiers, sailors and airmen and women.

We will lift NATO's technological prowess and deliver it as an additional arrow in NATO's quiver against those who would challenge or undermine the Alliance.

NCI Agency General Manager Kevin J. Scheid 2017-2021

We acquire, deploy and defend communications systems for NATO's political decision-makers and Commands. We are on the frontlines against cyber attacks. We work closely with governments and industry to prevent future debilitating attacks.

Today, NATO is in the midst of a fundamental transformation to exploit technology to better perform its mission. And we are leading that transformation, which we call NATO's digital endeavour.

The Agency is working to deliver a secure, modern digital infrastructure to NATO – wherever the Alliance is working. This effort is important, and the stakes are high. NATO is responsible for safeguarding peace and stability for nearly one billion citizens.