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02 17 2022

NCI Agency supports Exercise Dynamic Manta 2022

The NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) will provide essential support to the NATO-led exercise Dynamic Manta, which begins on 20 February 2022.

Directed by NATO's Maritime Command (MARCOM), Dynamic Manta is a live anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and anti-surface warfare training exercise. Alliance-deployed ships, aircrafts, submarines and surface personnel will converge off the coast of Sicily, Italy, to participate in vigorous and complex training scenarios. The exercise will conclude on 3 March 2022.

NCI Agency Supports ASW Exercise Dynamic Manta 2022

NCI Agency experts have been working diligently to ensure the Communications and Information Systems (CIS) required for Dynamic Manta are set-up in preparation for the exercise.

The Agency is delivering support for JChat (Secure Tactical Joint Chat), teleconferencing, internet, cybersecurity and other required services to on-site personnel and Allied crews participating in the exercise to ensure that the exercise operates smoothly.

Commander Nathan Winters, the NCI Agency's Project Manager for Dynamic Manta, is responsible for finding and acquiring the right types of secure technology needed to support this exercise.

"Everyone participating in the exercise needs to be able to communicate securely with one another, whether at sea or on-shore. Email, chat, secure video-teleconferencing capability; all of this is needed to execute the mission. Without this connectivity, a Commander can't talk to his subordinates," Winters said.

CDR Winters is also responsible for ensuring that the gathered communications equipment arrives on schedule to the Agency's on-site CIS Support Unit (CSU) in Sigonella, Italy.

To support the exercise, members of the Agency's on-site CSU in Sigonella have set up a room and prepared all the required hardware and software. This includes workstations, secure and non-secure phone lines and all other necessary CIS equipment personnel need to successfully participate in the exercise. CSU Sigonella will also provide continuous CIS support throughout the duration of the exercise.

Norbert Sztakovits, Exercise Coordinator at the Agency's CSU in Sigonella, has been involved in the Dynamic Manta series for the past four years.

"Supporting a large exercise like this is a challenge, but on the other hand it is very rewarding to see the significant contribution our staff here at CSU Sigonella make to such an important NATO event," Sztakovits said.

Exercises like Dynamic Manta are important because they enhance interoperability, submarine warfare readiness and ensure effective communication between Allied Nations.