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06 21 2023

NCI Agency successfully upgrades cyber security technology at 22 NATO sites

The NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) has concluded the last phase of a project to install and configure mission critical cybersecurity capabilities and systems at 22 NATO sites.

The Agency awarded a contract to Atos Convergence Creators SRL, for the upgrade of two key cybersecurity systems: the Network Intrusion Protection/Detection System (NIPS) and Full Packet Capture (FPC) system.

NCI Agency successfully upgrades cyber security technology at 22 NATO sites

These two systems work together to help the NATO Cyber Security Centre monitor the Alliance's networks for potential threats and identify and flag critical issues. The NIPS employs pattern recognition algorithms to promptly notify the NCI Agency of unusual traffic on NATO's networks, while the FPC continuously records all network activity and is a primary source of information in support of incident response activities.

"Success was achieved by adopting a collaborative approach between Atos and the NCI Agency. Coordinating the logistics, site access and ensuring cooperation with each respective Command was critical to ensure a smooth execution of the deployment plans," said Miles Knight, Principal Project Manager, NATO Cyber Security Centre.

This final phase of the project to replace the NIPS and FPC capabilities across the wider NATO network, was initiated in 2022, providing cybersecurity upgrades at the 22 sites in scope upon recent completion.

"The enhanced capability ensures NCSC specialists are empowered with the tools they need to continue delivering world-class cybersecurity services in defence of NATO networks," said Aaron Allen, Senior Scientist (Technical Lead), NATO Cyber Security Centre.

"The combination of in-depth NATO know-how and specialized cybersecurity expertise, as well as an excellent partnership with NATO, was key to the successful completion of this 22-site deployment project," said Frank Amedick, Client Executive Partner, Eviden, Atos Group.

With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated and frequent, the NCI Agency remains at the forefront of cybersecurity efforts within the Alliance, defending NATO's networks 24/7 and enabling digital transformation across the NATO Enterprise. The conclusion of this project is another step in that direction, enhancing cyber resilience to keep NATO networks protected.