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03 17 2022

NCI Agency renews agreement on geographic information system software provision

The NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) and Geographic Information System (GIS) software provider Esri have signed a new Enterprise Agreement (EA) for the provision of geographic information software and data. 

The new agreement replaces two previous agreements signed by Esri and the NCI Agency – the Core GIS EA and the NATO Headquarters EA.

NCI Agency renews agreement on geographic information system software provision

GIS software allows NATO users access to a suite of data, services and products that support all phases of military operations, contributing significantly to the concept of 'operating off the same map'.

Broader in scope, the new agreement with Esri covers the provision of their ArcGIS software licenses and subscriptions deployed across the NATO enterprise, as well as technical services and support. It covers capabilities, both under development and in service, in the NATO Command Structure and NATO Headquarters (HQ).

Through this new five-year enterprise agreement, NATO will realize significant cost savings, and will benefit from fixed pricing when planning new capabilities. The agreement also facilitates access to comprehensive online training material, Software as a Service (SaaS), and a data appliance to enable NATO HQ to securely create, publish, share maps and related content.

NCI Agency Chief of Acquisition Jennifer Upton said, "We welcome the signature of this new Enterprise Agreement which covers the provision of Geospatial Information Systems-related commercial software with associated support and maintenance services. It enables the delivery of Esri license requirements across the NATO user community for the next five years in a rationalized framework, utilizing commercial best practices with optimized pricing enabled at the enterprise level. It covers a large range of software applications that meet the current and future technical requirements expressed by the military operational community, and expands the strategic partnerships between our Agency and industry."

"Esri has been committed to NATO for over 20 years supporting its activities in safeguarding the freedom and security of its members," said Patty Mims, Esri director of national government. "The re-signing of the NATO Enterprise Agreement for a further five years marks another key milestone in that partnership; enabling the growth of NATO's geospatial infrastructure and bringing the value of location intelligence more pervasively across the enterprise."