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03 16 2022

NCI Agency modernizes NATO's core communications infrastructure

The NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) provides a robust infrastructure for NATO's networks, providing interconnectivity across multiple Alliance locations and enabling NATO to perform consultation, deterrence and collective defence.

In January 2022, the Agency worked with an industry partner to modernize NATO's core communications infrastructure.

NCI Agency modernizes NATO's core communications infrastructure

"This is the backbone network infrastructure, which all services use in order to perform their functions, making this an incredibly important capability to allow NATO to operate on a daily basis," said Marina Papassarantis, Contract Manager at the NCI Agency.

"After extensive testing, all operational network traffic is utilizing the new high-speed core infrastructure, providing agile and secure network capabilities," said Eugen Mile-Ciobanu, Senior Network Engineer at the NCI Agency.

The new high-speed core network has a ten-fold increase in overall capacity. It is more resilient and able to perform even under times of significantly increased use.

"These upgrades are instrumental. They allow us to provide a network that is future-proofed for the increasing bandwidth requirements of NATO," said Dimitrios Chatziamanetoglou, Senior Service Delivery Manager of Transmission Services at the NCI Agency.

This project ensures a seamless transition towards the next generation of NCI Agency network infrastructure. It has paved the way for further network upgrades at 75 additional sites, helping to achieve a modern, secure, robust, high-speed and interoperable network infrastructure, strengthening NATO's digital backbone for the future.