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12 21 2017

NCI Agency awards contract for project TRITON

On 21 December 2017, at an official signature ceremony held in the Canadian Delegation of NATO HQ, the General Manager of the NCI Agency awarded the contract for Project TRITON to the Canadian company, MDA Systems. The ceremony was attended by the Canadian Permanent Representative to the North Atlantic Council, S.E. Ambassador Kerry Buck.

In his welcoming remarks, the General Manager of the NCI Agency, Kevin Scheid, highlighted the importance of NATO's investment in the area of command and control and stressed that the Alliance needs to be better at sharing data between member nations and their national forces and that we rely on our Industry Partners to rise to this challenge.

Kerry Buck, the Permanent Representative of Canada to NATO, noted, "NATO is at the core of Canada's national security policy. We are proud that NATO will leverage Canadian technology and expertise to contribute to enhanced communications and support interoperability in NATO".

The TRITON contract, which was awarded using the NATO Best Value International Competitive Bidding (ICB) procedure, will provide the NATO community with an integrated, robust, and flexible maritime command and control capability supported by the Agency's Core Services available throughout the Bi-Strategic Commands Automated Information System (Bi-SC AIS) to enable NATO and National forces to establish and share a common view of the battle space and to improve their situational awareness and decision-making processes.

NCI Agency awards contract for project TRITON

TRITON will replace the operational level functionality of Maritime Command and Control Information System (MCCIS) and the MSA Demonstrator Prototype (MSA/BRITE) providing functionality that include building and disseminating the NATO Recognised Maritime Picture (RMP) and White Shipping Picture, Water Space Management and Prevention of Mutual Interference, as well as a variety of decision aid and operational support functions. TRITON will be interoperable with national systems and in full compliance with the Federated Mission Networking (FMN) specifications.

TRITON will further deliver a C4ISR Visualisation Component, a re-usable software product, to be utilised by other Bi-SC AIS Functional Services for displaying digital maps and geospatial information.

Once TRITON reaches its Full Operational Capability, it will become the main platform for conducting all military maritime operations throughout the entire Alliance. Nations and Commands will be able to share their maritime information in a live environment, mutually benefiting from shared data so that TRITON may live up to its name and become a true "Messenger of the Sea" for the Alliance.