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12 6 2021

NATO strengthens cyber security posture with cutting-edge capability

The NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) has delivered a high-capacity system to help cyber defenders track what occurs on NATO's networks.

The system, which reached full operational capability in November 2021, will strengthen NATO's cyber security posture and ensure critical data and communications are protected. This project was executed under the Capability Package (CP) 120 Programme, which aims to refresh and enhance cyber security capabilities used by the NATO Cyber Security Center in support of its services.

NATO strengthens cyber security posture with cutting-edge capability

Croatian company KING ICT d.o.o. worked with the NCI Agency to deliver a more robust enterprise Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system to replace NATO's existing capability. In September 2020, the Agency awarded the 7.8 million EUR contract to deliver the solution.

The new system helps the NATO Cyber Security Centre, run by the NCI Agency, to better detect and respond to security events, strengthening NATO's security incident detection and response posture. The capability now has a more robust and powerful high-capacity infrastructure, enabling experts to analyse and correlate vast amounts of data, which is critical in a more connected world. Delivery of the new enterprise logging solution also contributes to long-term cost-reduction and consolidation by making use of state-of-the-art hyper-converged infrastructures.

"Final acceptance of this project's deliverables marks the conclusion of a successful collaboration between NATO and industry," said Jeroen Pinas, Senior Project Manager in the NATO Cyber Security Centre. "This project was completed within scope, cost and ahead of schedule and demonstrates that NATO and industry can be extremely effective when they join forces to successfully deliver NATO contracts."

"The project teams on both sides have demonstrated exemplary flexibility given pandemic-related constraints, and set a very high bar for our future projects. There will be more industry opportunities in other tranches of the CP120 Programme in 2022," said Frederic Jordan, the Head of the Cyber Security Programme Delivery Branch at the NATO Cyber Security Centre.