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11 26 2020

NATO Agency signs agreement with Switzerland for technical cooperation

The NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency signed on 25 November 2020 an agreement with NATO Partner Nation Switzerland to facilitate easier and faster cooperation on technology-related projects.

Under this 10-year agreement, Switzerland and the NCI Agency could partner together to complete projects in areas such as information assurance and cyber defence. Additionally, it will enable the NCI Agency to lend its expertise in the field of communications systems interoperability to ensure that Switzerland's communications systems are technically compatible with those of NATO Nations for operations and exercises.

NATO Agency signs agreement with Switzerland for technical cooperation

NCI Agency General Manager Kevin J Scheid said: "This agreement will facilitate cooperation in military communications and information systems, which are critical to helping NATO and its Partners communicate and work together. We look forward to a decade of successful collaboration with Switzerland on challenges that we must overcome to ensure the strength of the Alliance now, and in the future."

The agreement establishes the legal framework for cooperation between the nation and the NCI Agency. The NCI Agency has similar agreements in place with nearly all NATO Nations, and with several other close Partner Nations.

Ambassador Philippe Brandt, Ambassador of Switzerland to the Kingdom of Belgium and Head of the Mission of Switzerland to NATO, said: "Today, we are enhancing the collaboration with the NCI Agency through this agreement. Within the PfP framework and our individual partnership and cooperation programme with NATO, we strive to maintain and improve our interoperability with NCI Agency support while strictly adhering to Swiss neutrality. Interoperability with NATO and PfP nations also enables Switzerland to participate in international exercises and is a prerequisite for peace support operations such as KFOR."

Switzerland has been cooperating with NATO and other Partner Nations under NATO's Partnership for Peace (PfP) framework. With the newly signed agreement, Switzerland and the Agency aim to address several PfP goals for Switzerland in the technology and tech training arena.