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11 28 2016

Guy Charron appointed Chairperson of the Agency Supervisory Board

The next Chairperson of the Agency Supervisory Board will be Mr Guy Charron of Canada. Representatives of the 28 NATO Nations agreed on the selection on 15 November 2016.  Mr Charron will take up his appointment in July 2017 for a two-year term.

"I am deeply honoured for the trust being placed in me by the Ambassador of Canada, Kerry Buck, and the entire NATO Alliance. I am following in the footsteps of my remarkable predecessor, Tim Harp, whose contributions have been exemplary. This organization has enduring purpose with many of the challenges ahead at a critical juncture, and I look forward to contributing to its success with my utmost support and dedication," said Mr Charron.

Mr Charron is the Director General Information Management Technology and Strategic Planning in the Canadian Department of National Defense's Information Management Group, where he has been working since 2013.

He has more than 32 years of experience in the field of Information Management and Information Technology in both public and private sector. He has worked in several departments and agencies, ranging from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to the Canada Revenue Agency and the Canadian Border Services Agency.

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Agency Supervisory Board

The Agency Supervisory Board (ASB) oversees the work of the NCI Agency. After consulting with the NATO Secretary General, NATO Communication and Information Organisation's (NCIO) ASB appoints the General Manager of the Agency. All NATO Nations are members of the NCIO. The ASB, which reports to the North Atlantic Council (NAC), issues directives and makes general policy decisions to enable NCIO to carry out its work.