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04 27 2020

Do business with the NCI Agency: A look ahead

By the end of 2021, the NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency plans to put on the market more than 500 million EUR worth of business for industry to bid on.

And the Agency plans to release 200 million EUR of those opportunities in the next six months.

Do business with the NCI Agency: A look ahead

The Agency's new acquisitions continue to be executed, as do the contract administration functions. Upcoming solicitations will be released as planned, with necessary adjustments in the schedules where in-person activities such as demonstrations and site visits are required as part of the bidding process.

"We are constantly assessing the impact of COVID-19 on both the current work under contract, and work related to the release of solicitations," said NCI Agency Acquisition Director Jennifer Upton. "We look forward to continued collaboration with our industry partners to collectively adapt and overcome any challenges this pandemic may bring, ensuring NATO's critical work continues."

Need help getting started with the NCI Agency? The guide "5 Steps to Doing Business with Us" can be found here.

Click here for all business opportunities the Agency is planning to put on the market in 2020-2021, and here for current open opportunities, where a Notification of Intent (NOI), Invitation for Bids (IFB) or Request for Quotations (RFQ) has been released.

Below are some highlights of the current and future opportunities for 2020-2021.

Air and Missile Defence Command and Control (AMDC2)

Ballistic Missile Defense - System Engineering and Integration (SE&I)

Re-organize and modernise existing Ship-Shore-Ship-Buffer system in the United Kingdom, Greece and Netherlands

  • € 37,431,259
  • IFB/RFQ release - Q4 2020

Command and Control (C2)

Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Functional Services (CBRN FS) Increment 1

  • € 21,500,000
    • Basic scope: Capability delivery (15 million EUR)
    • Evaluated options: 5 years O&M (6.5 million EUR)
  • IFB/RFQ release - Q1 2021

Provision of Functional Services for the NATO Joint Targeting System (NJTS) Project

Core Enterprise Services (CES)

Provide Information Administration Services and Upgrade NATO Information Portal (IAS)

  • € 16,100,000
    • Basic scope: Capability delivery (9.6 million EUR)
    • Evaluated options: 5 years O&M (6.5 million EUR)
  • NOI released on 20 Dec 2019
  • IFB/RFQ release - Q2 2020

Technical Refresh of Balkans IT Infrastructure

Procure and sustain Cryptographic Situational Awareness

  • € 2,200,000
  • IFB/RFQ release - Q2 2021

Cyber Security

CIS Security Services Area A Tech Refresh- Technology Refresh - Work Package 1

  • € 47,000,000
  • IFB/RFQ release - Q2 2021

High-speed network encryption

  • € 45,000,000
  • IFB/RFQ release - Q3 2021

Key and Certificate Management

  • € 22,000,000
  • IFB/RFQ - Q1 2021

Education and Training

Provide Education Training Exercise and Evaluation Functional Services for Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD)

  • € 10,353,967

  • Four different Work Packages and Contracts:
    • Work Package 1 Joint Exercise Management Model Enhancement (2.3 million EUR, International Competitive Bidding Best Value)
    • Work Package 2 Air and Missile Defence Simulation (4.4 million EUR)
    • Work Package 3 BMD Exercise Information Management Portal (0.5 million EUR, BOA competition)
    • Work Package 4 Operational Assurance and Test (3.1 million EUR)
  • IFB/RFQ release - Q1 2021

Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (JISR)

Intelligence Functional Services (INTEL-FS) - Spiral 2 and Ballistic Missile Defence functions in INTEL-FS

  • € 21,300,000
    • Basic scope (15.8 million EUR) : Two contracts, each with a separate and distinct scope: (a) for the ""Front-end"", or User Interfaces, for the Intel-FS capability; (b) to deliver the ""Back-end"" data management and integration with other systems.
    • Evaluated Options: 5 years O&M (5.5 million EUR)
  • NOI released on 27 August 2019
  • IFB/RFQ release - Q2 2020

Network Services and IT Infrastructure (NSII)

Provide Dual-band Transportable Satellite Ground Terminals (TSGTs) for Deployable Communications and Information Systems (DCIS) (Work Package 1)

  • € 56,513,557
  • IFB/RFQ release - Q4 2020

Provide SATCOM Ground Segment Electronic Protective Measures (EPM) Modem System

  • € 22,288,006
  • IFB/RFQ release - Q4 2020

Provide SATCOM Management and Control Capability (Work Package 1)

  • € 18,732,187
  • IFB/RFQ release - 2021

Provide SATCOM Ground Segment Baseband Systems (SGSBS)

  • € 13,047,389
  • IFB/RFQ release - Q4 2020

Broadcast, Maritime?Rear Link?and?Ship?Shore (BRASS) Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) - Implementation Support for Latvia

  • € 10,000,000
  • IFB/RFQ release - Q4 2021

Provide Multiband Deployable Satellite Ground Terminals (DSGT) Pool - COTS (Work Package 1)

  • € 8,844,071
  • IFB/RFQ release - Q4 2020

Installation and ancillaries for the fixed radios (Work Package 2)

  • € 3,870,056
  • IFB/RFQ release - Q2 2021

Provide Multiband Man-Pack Terminals and Satellite Communications On The Pause (SOTP)

  • € 3,221,000
  • IFB/RFQ release - Q3 2021

Data Transmission Kits (Work Package 3)

  • € 2,327,458
  • IFB/RFQ release - Q2 2021

Agency Wide

The Enterprise Frequent and Swift Transaction (e-FAST) Contracts Programme for the Provision of Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Hardware and Associated Support