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08 16 2017

Cyber Defender: A way of life (2)

The NCI Agency's Cyber Security team regularly supports NATO exercises, bringing their expertise to the field to improve the resilience of the Alliance.

During Steadfast Cobalt which took place earlier this year in Lithuania, the team tested and validated NATO cyber defences ensuring that they are strong enough to withstand attacks.

"If the communications systems go down, that can actually cause loss of life, and that's unacceptable," commented Frederic Coene, NCI Agency Cyber Security Senior Engineer.

Steadfast Cobalt was one of the largest and most complex tests of NATO deployable communication systems since the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

From the communication and information systems point of view, it was a critical step towards the certification of the elements that will be on standby in 2018 for the NATO Response Force.


Cyber Defender: A way of life (2)