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05 14 2024

CFBLNet welcomes Ukraine as newest guest mission partner

Ukraine has joined the Combined Federated Battle Labs Network (CFBLNet) as a Guest Mission partner. Through this membership, Ukraine will be able to participate in CFBLNet interoperability and training initiatives and cooperate with partners in bi- and multilateral activities.

The CFBLNet is a secure federated global infrastructure for international Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) research, development, trials, and assessment to explore, promote, and confirm Coalition/Combined capabilities for the participants. Partnering with Ukraine enables the sharing of expertise, stronger collaboration, training and provide opportunities for interoperability improvements. Open to 39 Mission partners (32 NATO Nations, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, the NATO organization and European Union EEAS) and now Ukraine, it provides a unique and cost-effective global federated network infrastructure capability through reuse of the global assets in support of its users.

CFBLNet welcomes Ukraine as newest guest mission partner

"Our cooperation with NATO is expanding its scope. We aspire towards interoperability with partners, and our systems have long proven themselves during joint exercises. We are grateful for Ukraine's invitation to yet another initiative. Ready to continue working and deepening our engagements," said Kateryna Chernohorenko, Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine.

The network currently has more than 400 recognized sites in 26 Nations and NATO, and is operated in a partnership between the Combined Communications Electronics Board (CCEB), NATO and the United States of America. The CFBLNet core for European nations, NATO Nations and the NATO organizations is operated by the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA).