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​Grade structure and salary scales

Please see the salary scales relevant to the grade of the post you are applying for. Salaries are normally reviewed annually and are implemented effective 1 January.

The basic salary is exempt from taxation and is paid monthly.

Learn more about the grade structure within NATO.


In accordance with the NATO Civilian Personnel Regulations, various allowances may be payable:

Expatriation allowance - It is paid to staff members in categories A, L and B who, at the time of their appointment, are not nationals of the host country and who have not been continuously resident in the host country for at least one year. It amounts to 10% of basic salary (calculated on the first step in grade of recruitment).

Household allowance - Paid monthly to eligible staff members who are married or have recognized dependent, and amount to 6% of basic Salary.

Dependent Child Allowance - Paid monthly for any child under 18 years old. From 18-24 years of age this allowance is paid if children are fully enrolled in school.

Child expatriation allowance - Recognized expatriated staff members who have dependent children are eligible for a child expatriation allowance.

Education Allowance - Staff entitled to Expatriation Allowance whose children are in education age may be entitled to an education allowance.

Travel and Removal Expenses - Staff members whose established residence at the time of taking up duty is more than 100km from the duty location are reimbursed their travel and removal expenses on joining and leaving the Organization.

Pension Scheme

NATO has an investment based pension scheme and all members are mandatorily affiliated to the scheme.

NATO’s contribution to the scheme amounts to 12% of the basic salary. The employee’s contribution amounts to 8% of basic salary. More information is available in the brochure.

Medical and Life Insurance

All staff members are mandatorily enrolled in the basic medical and life insurance cover.

The Table of Benefits covers various expenses, such as:

  • Medical practitioner fees and prescription drugs;
  • Dental treatments;
  • Maternity care (pregnancy / delivery and payment of birth cash benefit);
  • Glasses & contact lenses.

You will find more information in the brochure.

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