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What the NCI Agency offers

Benefiting from the economies of scale and NATO C4ISR acquisition, as well as delivery of capabilities into operational theatres;

Cost competitive provision and maintenance of NATO common-funded capabilities for national purposes;

Multi-year Programmes of Work (MYPOW): Bilateral frameworks providing both the Customer and the Agency with a pragmatic tool, allowing for clear planning of activities in the three to five coming years. It is mainly focused on validating true and secure interoperability between national capabilities and NATO systems; neither exhaustive nor mandatory, it does not involve funds commitment;

Robust Programme, Portfolio and Project Management for complex C4ISR acquisition, as well as delivery of capabilities into operational theatres across a wide range of C4ISR disciplines including Operational Analysis, Command and Control, Joint Intelligence-Surveillance- Reconnaissance and Cyber Defence;

Reuse of C4ISR Infrastructure and Applications Services protected by comprehensive Cyber Security, developed through the NATO Security Investment Programme and supported by a CIS Operations Centre, providing Centralized Service Desk and Network Operations Centre;

Collective and individual Education and Training across a wide range of IT-related specialization including on-site training at the NATO Communications Information Systems (CIS) School* in Latina, Italy, remote user training at user sites, computer-based training services and planning in support to NATO exercises and operations;

Independent Test and Validation supporting the engineering life cycle, interoperability testing and operational certification, on a consolidated networked infrastructure including NATO, national and industry capabilities;

Subject matter expertise support, covering technical topics such as operational analysis, defence planning, C4ISR, CIS security, counter-IED and technical architecture, as well as expertise in areas such as project, programme and portfolio management;

Access to over 60 years of coalition C4ISR expertise, lessons learned and best practices. 


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NATO for Nations

In a time where national defence budgets are under increased pressure, the three "Cs" ​ Capabilities, Connectivity and Cooperative Security are critical in achieving the NATO and National Level of Ambition in the complex security landscape of the twenty-first century. The Chief Information Officers' Conference (CIOC) is a forum that will pave the way for overcoming any such challenges Nations might face in the area of C4ISR capability development and service provision, in the post ISAF 2014 era. Furthermore, the conference facilitates informal discussions between the Customers and the Agency, but also provides feedback on Nation's ambitions for reuse of NATO solutions and their willingness to implement the national Programmes of Work with Agency. The Main goal of the CIOC is to maximize Nation's awareness on cooperation on bilateral, multilateral and regional basis covering a broad spectrum of activities, in order to optimize the C4ISR support to Nations. 

NATO Solution for NATO Response Force
The comprehensive C4ISR approach to NATO Forces 2020 aims to maximize synergies between common and nationally funded programmes, but also provide services on bilateral or multilateral basis. The Agency's intent is to develop a unified yet tailored CIS support offer for the NATO Force Structure in the context of NATO Response Force (NRF), which is referred to as the NATO First Solution. The main effort is to make best use of "Use what we [NATO] already have" concept by keeping the ISAF gains alive, but also contributing to Smart Defence and the Connected Forces Initiative, critical for achieving both NATO and National level of ambitions leading to NATO Forces 2020. The current focus of this activity is the NATO Force Structure and National units in NATO Response Force (NRF) rotations under the leadership of the relevant commands, but in principle could be applied more broadly across all national forces. Indeed, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands have both implemented a NATO First Policy for their own national forces and other Nations are considering following suit.

The main benefits to the participating elements are:

  • Guaranteed interoperability with the NATO Command Structure through seamless integration with existing NATO communication capabilities and through the reuse of NATO commonly funded developed Software Applications;
  • Cost effectiveness by leveraging existing common funded capabilities and avoiding redevelopment cost;
  • Train as you fight by using the same infrastructure and applications during training and exercises as those used in operational theatres.

Our Customers

Customer Request submission and process  




Customers requesting NATO services should regard Demand Management as its primary entry point to the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency).

In order to properly staff requests, Customers must fill-in the NCI Agency Demand Management Customer Request Form.

After submission (submit button directly in the form), the form will be addressed by Demand Management and a confirmation of receipt will be forward to the Requestor.

Within one working week, the assigned Account Manager within the NCI Agency will contact the Requestor to acknowledge the request, provide information about the timelines required to provide a formal proposal and, if required get clarification regarding the request.

The assigned Account Manager will be the primary Point of Contact of the Requestor throughout the request management process.

For more focused questions on request procedure, please contact:

Mrs Erika Vranckx
Principal Account Manager – External Customers
Tel +32 2 707 8809
Email: Erika.Vranckx@ncia.nato.int