CIS Sustainment Support Centre (CSSC)

CSSC.jpgThe CIS Sustainment Support Centre (CSSC) is the single, centralized asset management and repair facility for all NATO static and deployable CIS. NATO Communications and Information (NCI Agency) CSSC provides life cycle, logistic sustainment solutions to its customers throughout the NATO area of responsibility and serves as the Release & Deployment Coordinator for NATO CIS assets across each of the NCI Agency Service Lines. 

The CSSC is committed to deliver quality and cost-effective logistics support to the entire fleet of emerging and legacy NATO CIS. Our team at the CSSC consists of asset management specialists and skilled technicians that cover the full spectrum of CIS and supporting equipment. Proudly serving NATO for over 55 years, the CSSC contributes to operational success by ensuring that NATO CIS assets are regularly accounted for, upgraded and serviced, whether they are located in a theatre of operations or at a static installation in continental Europe.

The CSSC is comprised of three groups that are focused on delivering top-quality sustainment support to its operational customers. Engineering & Maintenance group provides up to and including 3rd level CIS technical maintenance. Material Management group provides central property accounting and asset management of NATO CIS, while the Command & Staff group provides project planning, synchronize group activities and manages CSSC resources. As cost-effectiveness continues to be a critical factor in today’s fiscal climate, the CSSC is continually adopting CIS sustainment best-practices that meet or exceed the expectations of its customers. We deliver value to NATO and the NCI Agency through our high-level of commitment, can-do attitude and dedication to customer satisfaction.  Contact one of our Sustainment Support Specialist today.

​Commander CIS Sustainment Support Centre (CSSC) Brunssum
OF-5 Egbert Teeuw

CIS Sustainment Support Centre
Building H204
Rimburgerweg 30
6445 PA Brunssum