Basic Ordering Agreements (BOA)


NCI Agency BOA Programme is a procurement method used for Commercial off-the-shelf goods (COTS). It is aimed at fostering an environment which encourages the participation of qualified companies.


A BOA is a two-step contracting procedure. First, NCI Agency and the company establish a framework contract, specifying all basic contract provisions and signing a Preferred-customer declaration. Potential suppliers indicate a range of goods and services against which retail quantities can be ordered. A prerequisite to signing a BOA is that the National authorities issue a Declaration of Eligibility for the company.

Step 2 takes place when there is an actual BOA competition. At this point the Contracting Officer matches vendors' offered categories to the requirements, and requests for quote (RFQs) are sent out to qualifying vendors.

The aim of this procurement procedure is to provide an accelerated and cost-effective acquisition method for COTS products and services, respecting the principle of non-discrimination.

Please note that the BOA program is open only to companies registered in a NATO member state. For more information refer to BOA Q&A.

You can read more about BOAs at the Procurement Methods page.


As of 4th July 2019, the BOA Programme has been uplifted, based on the experienced gained through 20 years of use and with the aim of updating and streamlining some of the process steps as well as of removing former ambiguities.

Existing BOAs concluded under the former procedure, remain valid until 4 July 2020 or until a new BOA (under the new Terms and Conditions) is signed with the BOA Holder. Until 4 July 2020 current BOA Holders can use their valid BOA to continue to participate in the BOA Competitions.

 The new BOA application package, including updated list of BOA categories of products and services and  updated BOA Terms and Conditions is available for consultation here: 2019 - New - BOA General Terms and Conditions.pdf

 To apply for the new BOA, you will need to register to the new NCIA “Online e-procurement" tool that will be available as of January 2020 via NCIA website. Shortly before the launching of this new tool, there will be an announcement on this portal, so that you can proceed with your application. Once we receive your application, our team will request the Declaration of Eligibility from your respective National Delegation to NATO.

 BOA competitions issued before 4 July 2019 will be ruled by the former version of the procedure. The new procedure will rule the solicitations issued after 4 July 2019.

 If you have any questions, please email to :