Contracting and Procurement

One of the main missions of the NCI Agency is the acquisition of advanced and state-of-the-art C4ISR capability – including cyber and missile defence – for the NATO Alliance and Nations. The responsibilities under this mission range from the procurement of commercially available communication and information technology products and services on an urgent, expedited basis to the procurement of complex major systems via International Competitive Bidding.

We invite you to browse the links below to find out more about the NCI Agency’s Business Opportunities, applied procurement methods and procedures, our Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) Programme, and contract vehicles available for use by our Customers.

The Acquisition website is divided into the following areas:

  • Basic Ordering Agreements (BOA): This section provides an overview of the NCI Agency’s Basic Ordering Agreement programme and access to its wide range of registered suppliers.
  • Standing Ordering Agreements (SOA): This section provides access to competitively awarded contracts which are available for use by NCI Agency Customers.
  • NCI Agency Business Opportunities: The Business Opportunities section hosts the Bulletin Board on which all business opportunities of the NCI Agency are announced. Here you can also find an overview of the procurement methods and regulations applied by the NCI Agency.
  • Industry Updates: This section will be used by the NCI Agency to provide updates to ongoing Business Opportunities and status of contract awards.

Current Opportunities - Bulletin Board

In chronological order to nearest bid closing time.

All dates stated are current best estimates.



Reference: MS-CO-14672-SATCOM

NCIA Brussels

POC: Navikaite, Viktorija

Responses due : 20 November 2017


Evolution for Functional Services for Logistics C2 (LOG FS Evolution 1)

Reference: IFB-CO-14621-LOGFS

NCIA Brussels

Contracting Officer: Kowalski, Peter

Bid release: Q1 2018

Bid Closing Date: Q3 2018


Satellite Personal Communications Services for Operational Liaison and Reconnaissance Teams (OLRT)

Reference: IFB-CO-14602-OLRT

NCIA Brussels

Point of Contact: Navikaite, Viktorija

Bid release: March 2018

Bid Closing Date: July 2018

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Provide New NATO Messaging Service (N-NMS)

Reference: IFB-CO-14252-NNMS

NCIA Brussels
Contracting Officer: Schumacher, Sven

Bid release:  1Q2018

Bid Closing Date: 3Q2018

Contract Award:  2Q2019

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Advisory and Assistance Services

Reference: IFB-CO-14633-AAS

NCIA Brussels
Contracting Officer: Jones, Michael

Bid release: 4th Quarter 2017
Bid closing: 2nd Quarter 2018

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NATO Wide Global Mobile and Fixed Telephony Contract

Reference: IFB-NCIA-NSII-16-07

Contracting Officer: Godimus, Yseult

Bid release:  4Q2017
Bid closing:  2Q2018

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Provision of Service Oriented Architecture & Identity Management Platform (SOA & IDM)

Reference: IFB-CO-14176-SOA-IDM

NCIA Brussels
Contracting Officer: Piliego, Giacomo

Bid release: 4Q2017
Bid closing: 1Q2018

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