Basic Ordering Agreement Orders (BOA)

NCI Agency Basic Ordering Agreements - BOAs - are acquisition instruments negotiated between suppliers of products and services and the NCI Agency on behalf of NATO in accordance with the referential NATO guidelines. and procedures.

A BOA is defined as a two-stage contracting procedure whereby a framework contract, specifying all basic contract provisions, including the pricing methodology, is negotiated and placed with a potential supplier for a specified range of goods and services against which retail quantities can be ordered, on a competitive basis, at a later stage.

The aim of this procurement procedure is to provide Host Nations with an accelerated and cost-effective acquisition method for Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products and services, respecting the principle of non-discrimination- and fostering an environment conducive to maximising the participation of qualified firms.

A list of product and service categories (BOA Bidders List Criteria) considered for BOA application, based upon the United Nations Standard Listing of products and service categories, is available for download. The list will be updated by the Agency on a regular basis. Wherever possible, the Agency will have more than one BOA in place for each product.

The procedures governing the use of Basic Ordering Agreements (BOAs) are an addition to the procedures for International Competitive Bidding. Unless otherwise specified hereafter, the provisions of document AC/4 -D/2261(1996 Edition) continue to apply to competitive bidding using BOAs.

The procedures outlined were originally designed for use by the NCI Agency, acting either as Host Nation or Procurement Agency for NATO Security Investment Programme (NSIP) work. Extension of the procedure to NATO Agencies and Nations will be handled either by general formal agreement or imposed by the Investment Committee on a case by case basis at the authorization stage. In order to cover these possibilities the general term “Host Nation (HN)” is being used where appropriate.


If you are interested in signing a BOA with the NCI Agency, or if you have a request for changes to your current BOA, please email the BOA Programme Coordinator at and request a BOA Information Packet. You will receive a detailed file containing all background information, templates and instructions for the application process.