​CSU Lisbon

NCI Agency CSU Lisbon (CSULB), located in Oeiras (PRT) enables end-to-end CIS services as it installs, operates, maintains, and supports the full range of CIS capabilities during peacetime, crisis, and war throughout its allocated Area of Responsibility (AoR) and as otherwise directed.

The CIS Support Unit, provides CIS Services to STRIKING AND SUPPORT FORCES NATO (SFN), co-located in Oeiras, and also to the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC), mainly located in Monsanto, Lisbon and the NCI Agency Satellite Ground Terminal F12 (SGTF12) at Caparica. Additional customers include the Allied Command Counter Intelligence Detachment (ACCI) for the Iberian Peninsula, the local National Support Elements and the Host Nation.

The CSU Lisbon structure is as follows:
• The Office of the Commander;
• Service Management Branch. It has an Enabling Services Section and a Plans and Projects Section.                
• Service Operations Branch. It is composed by a Service Support, Facility and Technical Management and an Application Development Sections.

Commander, CSU Lisbon


Estrada da Medrosa
2780-070 Oeiras