​MGEN (rtd) Koen Gijsbers
General Manager

On 1 July 2012, MGEN (rtd) Koen Gijsbers became the first General Manager of the newly established NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency).

As General Manager of the NCI Agency, MGEN (rtd) Gijsbers brings over 35 years of service, gained from various military command appointments, including his position as Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Netherlands Ministry of Defence, and as Assistant Chief of Staff for NATO’s Allied Command.

Before heading up the NCI Agency, he was appointed the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Netherlands Ministry of De-fence, where his main focus was the rationalization of all IT services (i.e. operational, personnel, logistic, financial). During his service, he was a member of the National Cyber Board, and the National CIO Board, where he was responsible for the in-formation security policy for the entire Dutch government.

In 2006, MGEN (rtd) Gijsbers was appointed Assistant Chief of Staff (ACOS) for Command, Control, Communications, Com-puters and Intelligence (C4I) of NATO’s Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk, United States. During his post as ACOS, Mr Gijsbers lead NATO’s network centric innovation. He also guided and oversaw NATO’s Cooperative Cyber Defence Cen-tre of Excellence (COE) in Estonia, and the Command and Control COE in the Netherlands.

Throughout his career, he has assumed command over several military units. In 1999, after commanding the 11 Combat Engineer Battalion for 2.5 years, MGEN (rtd) Gijsbers was promoted to Colonel and deployed to Kosovo as commander of a regimental task force. The task force – consisting of infantry, engineers and logistical units – provided security and humani-tarian aid to the suffering local population. Subsequently, he was appointed the Chief of Operations and Plans for the Netherlands Army Training and Doctrine Command, and the Chief of the General Policy Department.

In 2003, he took command of the 11 Air Manoeuvre Brigade (Air Assault), which consisted of 60 assault and transport heli-copters; infantry; and supporting troops. Under his command, units participating in the NATO Response Force were de-ployed to Iraq. In addition, he prepared units for deployment to Afghanistan (International Security Assistance Force), Con-go and the European Union Battle Group.

MGEN (rtd) Gijsbers attended the Royal Military Academy in 1976. In 1980 he was commissioned into the Corps of Engineers. He initially commanded a combat engineer platoon and then a field engineer company. He was assigned as a project manager at the Netherlands Infrastructure Directorate, before attending the General Staff Officers Course. As Major and Lieutenant Colonel, he was assigned to the Army Staff in several positions for the policy and plans department, and instructed strategy and joint operational warfare at the Netherlands Defence College.

He holds a Master’s degree in Military Art and Science of the US Army Command and General Staff College (Ft. Leaven-worth, United States).

In 2001, MGEN (rtd) Gijsbers was knighted in the Order of Orange Nassau (with Swords), awarded by the former Queen of the Netherlands, Her Majesty Queen Beatrix. While attending the Royal Military Academy, he was a distinguished athlete, and competed in the 400m and 800m sprint. In 1980, he attended the Olympics in Moscow. He still holds the Dutch record for the 4*400m relay. MGEN (rtd) Gijsbers is married to Rixt A. Meines. 

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