The NCI Agency's unique added value

Our Vision: A fully digital NATO enterprise that ensures consultation and collective defence.

Our Mission:  Lead NATO's digital endeavour.

The Agency's value proposition to NATO remains valid and firm: strengthen the Alliance through the unique understanding of NATO, the Nations and the power of technology.



The NATO Communications and Information Agency's (NCI Agency) has 4 main campuses – Brussels (BE), Mons (BE), The Hague (NL) and Oeiras (PT). The NCI Agency has over 30 locations in Europe, North America and South-East Asia in support of our customers and NATO operations. 


Agency Governance

The Agency is the executive arm of the NATO Communication and Information Organisation (NCIO), which aims to achieve maximum effectiveness in delivering C3 capabilities  to stakeholders, while ensuring their coherence and interoperability, and ensuring the provision of secure CIS services at minimum cost to Allies – individually and collectively.

NCIO is managed by an Agency Supervisory Board (ASB) composed of representative from each NATO Nation. The ASB oversees the work of the NCIO. After consulting with the NATO Secretary General, NCIO's ASB appoints the General Manager of the Agency. All NATO nations are members of the NCIO.

The ASB, which reports to the North Atlantic Council (NAC), issues directives and makes general policy decisions to enable NCIO to carry out its work. Its decisions on fundamental issues such as policy, finance, organization and establishment require unanimous agreement by all member countries.


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