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Tips for filling out your form

  • Have you identified a POC who can be reached in case of a requirements clarification?
  • In Annex 1,
    • Have you clearly identified the quantity needed, as well as Service IDs as listed in the Catalogue, or, if applicable, the unlisted service you require?
    • Have you outlined your operational impact, noting that this area is a major driver in prioritizing requests within NCI Agency?
    • Have you clearly defined milestones for your request, noting that the average response time for a Customer Request Form is ~45-90 days?
  • Have you secured funding and annotated your available budget?
  • If technical documentation is required for fulfilling your requirement, have you attached this documentation (Unclassified Only) to the request?
  • In Annex 2, if applicable, have you clearly identified the quantity and types of software tools/licenses required?

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