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Our customers

A 65-year legacy of maintaining NATO's tech edge

We offer technology, services and subject matter expertise to NATO's political decision-makers, Commands and Allies. The NCI Agency helps Nations work together to consolidate their buying power to procure low-cost, interoperable solutions. With the NCI Agency, you access more than 60 years of information technology expertise.

Standardized Services and Rates

The NCI Agency offers standardized services and service rates through the Costed Customer Services Catalogue. If your organization is interested in purchasing services from NCI Agency, please review the Catalogue to evaluate your options.

Customer Services Catalogue

Requesting Services

To formally request services from NCI Agency, please fill in the standardized Customer Request Form.

Customer Request Form

Tips for filling out your form

  • Have you identified a POC who can be reached in case of a requirements clarification?
  • In Annex 1,
    • Have you clearly identified the quantity needed, as well as Service IDs as listed in the Catalogue, or, if applicable, the unlisted service you require?
    • Have you outlined your operational impact, noting that this area is a major driver in prioritizing requests within NCI Agency?
    • Have you clearly defined milestones for your request, noting that the average response time for a Customer Request Form is ~45-90 days?
  • Have you secured funding and annotated your available budget?
  • If technical documentation is required for fulfilling your requirement, have you attached this documentation (Unclassified Only) to the request?
  • In Annex 2, if applicable, have you clearly identified the quantity and types of software tools/licenses required?


Contact an Account Manager

If your organization does choose to request services, the Chief Operating Office will serve as your single entry point into the NCI Agency.

Each customer segment (Command, Nation, multinational organization, etc.) has a dedicated Chief Operating Office Account Manager assigned to ensure that all Customer Requests are validated internally and responded to in a timely manner.

Internally, these Account Managers will work across relevant elements of the NCI Agency to identify priority of your request, advocate on customers' behalf, and determine whether the request can be accepted within available capacity.

Outwardly, Account Managers will confirm receipt of your request, contact customer POCs if requirements need to be clarified, and keep customers updated on status and progress of requests.

For general questions regarding this process or specific questions about a request for services, please contact the Office.