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Operational Analysis and Defence Planning

We provide the critical information NATO needs to make informed decisions.

NATO is focused on meeting its ambition in the most efficient manner, making the most out of the capabilities and money Nations contribute.

With such a philosophy, rigorous, traceable and evidence-based decision making is crucial.

Our Operational Analysis Service Line is a key partner in providing the information needed to make informed decisions.

We provide analytical support to help leaders understand complex problems and make decisions about those problems. We give them the rigorous evidence they need to improve their decision making. Using scientific methods and analytical techniques, we help planners and decision makers within NATO and the Nations. 

Our Service Line supports Defence Planning within NATO and the Nations, including through the NATO Defence Planning Process which harmonises the development of future capabilities within NATO and Nations. We also provide analytical support to Commanders in NATO operations and to other service lines in the Agency. 

The Operational Analysis team has a strong track record of delivering successful, on-time solutions to complex problems.