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Preparing for 2025

The NCI Academy is getting ready for the 2025 academic year with more trainings available for customers. To that end, your organization is requested to consider its 2025 training needs. Our "Invitation to Submit NCI Academy 2025 Training Bids" (Bidding Letter), will be issued in March 2024 and will provide guidance on how to request training from the NCI Academy. Customers are reminded that training delivery by the NCI Academy is fully customer funded, as per terms and conditions agreed to by customers in the Service Support Training Package (SST).

For further clarification, please contact the NCI Academy Business Team on [email protected].

What is changing

Please note that starting with 2024 we will no longer require the CRF in support of bidding. In addition customers are no longer subjected to the contract management fee.

Your action

We will be expecting training coordinators to submit the bidding through the Training Management System (TMS) before 1 June 2024. Also, keep your point of contact details up to date as they will be used in the generation of the SST agreements.


For those customers who do not have a TMS account please e-mail us at [email protected]. We will then be able to create an account for you in TMS. Please check instructions on how to submit your demand by accessing the Help section of TMS - https://academytms.ncia.nato.int/help and playing the Bidding and Demand video. You will be able to make changes to your demand up to the 1 June 2024 deadline. After this date we will 'freeze' the bidding to start processing it. The Academy will offer more insight on the new process in the Training Coordinator Workshop event taking place in March 2024. To support the collection of training needs in your organization, we offer a 'pre-configured Excel spreadsheet' that will contain the list of courses offered by the Academy in 2025. Nevertheless, submission of final bids should be exclusively done via TMS, as outlined above.