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NATO Community Development (NCoDe)

In accordance with the "Directive on obtaining Software for NATO" [AC/322-D(2020)0004-REV2(INV) dated March 2020] development of custom software may use the NATO Community Development (NCoDe) approach to capitalise on the expertise and capabilities available within the Alliance.

The "NCoDe Community", includes all NATO bodies, agencies and NATO member states. Community members may invite industry partners, on a case-by-case basis, to participate in the development of one or more specific Contribution.

The NATO Communications & Information Agency (NCI Agency) acts as custodian of the NCoDe software development.

Towards this end:

· All Contributions shall be submitted to NCI Agency;

· NCI Agency keeps the Contributions' source code in one single repository and maintains the single baseline for every work;

· NCI Agency is the authority responsible for Life Cycle Management for the NCoDe Community's NATO Software.

Version 1.0 of the NCoDe licence is available here.