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Neo - a new era for NCI Agency eProcurement

The NCI Agency has launched a new online procurement tool called Neo in 2022. The move to Neo eProcurement is part of a wider Agency effort to boost collaboration with the private sector by promoting visibility into past, current and upcoming business opportunities, aiming for faster competition cycles, contract awards and account management.

Who needs a Neo account?

Eventually all Suppliers who wish to do business with the NCI Agency will need a Neo account. However, in order to facilitate a smooth transition to the new tool, the Agency has adopted a phased and controlled approach to Neo roll-out. The full transition to Neo will take place by the end of 2023. Until then, selected Business Opportunities will be incrementally performed in Neo and all Suppliers who wish to partake in those competitions will be invited to register to Neo.

Check the Notifications of Intent (NOIs) of business opportunities to determine if they are being competed in Neo.

DEC 2022 - Q2 2023

  • Existing BOA Programme holders will be invited by the NCI Agency to register to Neo
  • New BOA applicants who wish to partake in the BOA Programme, should first register to Neo

Q2 2023 - Q4 2023

  • All active Suppliers on Agency records will be invited by the Agency to register to Neo

Neo modules and key features

Neo eProcurement is an Oracle-based system which will enable supplier access to two key modules:

iSUPPLIER PORTAL will allow for easy self-service profile management of supplier records

  • Access to contracts and advanced contract administration

  • Full visibility on acceptance and payment status

  • Self-administration of supplier data

  • Automatic notifications of transactions

SOURCING will assure an efficient engagement of suppliers throughout all stages of the tendering

  • Online access to business opportunities: NOIs, IFBs/RFQs/RFIs

  • Integrated eligibility workflow

  • Electronic bids submission

  • Enriched communication exchange during solicitation

  • Standardized, automated and fully auditable process