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Request for Bidders Views (RFBV)

The purpose of an RFBV is to solicit comments from Industry and to engage firms in a dialogue as to whether the draft solicitation documents are sound from a contractual and technical perspective.

RFBVs are issued in a three-step procedure where the primary task of the Agency being to judge whether or not the solutions to be offered by Industry would meet the stated requirements.

How are they advertised?

RFBVs are formally announced through a NOI and posted on the Agency's Business opportunities page. Interested and eligible firms must be nominated through their respective delegation through a DoE in order to receive the documents and participate in the effort.

Who is eligible?

Companies interested in participating in an NCI Agency RFBV must be from a participating NATO nation funding the requirement.

To be included in the Bidders List and receive a copy of the draft solicitation, interested and eligible industry must contact their national authorities or national delegation to NATO referencing the RFBV number as posted on the NOI and request inclusion in the Bidders List for the upcoming RFBV. The NATO delegation will nominate the firm through a DoE in accordance with the deadlines and instructions provided within the NOI advertising the upcoming endeavor.

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