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What are the main advantages of a BOA?

There are many advantages both for NATO and for the companies participating in the BOA Programme. The BOA implements a standardised contract format and contract terms and conditions for all suppliers throughout NATO Nations:

  • All essential contract terms are already determined by professional contracting staff;
  • Avoids unnecessary and repeated negotiation by local purchasers (often leading to variable results);
  • May operate irrespective of the source of authorized funds
  • Automated NATO access to information from hundreds of suppliers on the latest IT products, services and prices, and company points of contact;
  • Most favoured customer pricing and terms and conditions;
  • Considerable reduction on commercial prices due to potential of large aggregate quantities;
  • Orders can be placed by local offices at anytime during validity of the BOA;
  • Although no total or minimum quantities may be agreed when the BOA is established, suppliers have access to a wider market with the advantage of a central negotiation and reference point in the NCI Agency;
  • Pricing and technical information updated regularly;
  • Faster and simpler processing of competitive procurements;