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STEP 4: Prepare a competitive bid

Study the solicitation documents closely to make sure you understand the requirements. You will need to prepare a few documents, such as a detailed proposal and a bid schedule where you will propose your prices.

Create a detailed outline of your bid, and make sure you address the information specifically required by the bidding instructions. After we issue an IFB, we sometimes add additional information in the form of amendments. Make sure you also address the content of amendments, if needed, in your bid.

Take advantage of question-and-answer sessions before the bid closes. Ask any questions you may have in writing, and confirm that we receive them. Q&A sessions are also the only opportunity you will have to get approval for a waiver, or deviation from our requirements.

Q&As are sent to all bidders to ensure fairness and transparency without identifying the bidder, so be careful not to reveal your technical solution in the question.

When in doubt, contact the project's contracting officer!