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Provide ACCS Software Based Element (ASBE) Voice Communication Equipment (VCE)

The scope of this Contract is for the provision and the implementation of the ASBE Voice Communications Equipment (VCE) at sites Rinas (Albania), Pleso (Croatia), Zvolen (Slovakia), and Brnik (Slovenia) and integration and remote control of national radio sites in these locations. The VCE at each site will provide the operators with access to G-A-G circuits including HF, VHF and UHF channels and also voice co-ordination circuits for tactical data links. G-G circuits provide communication with a wide variety of entities over many different carrier networks. Destinations include radar and other sensor sites, military and civilian Air Traffic Control (ATC) centres, weapons co-ordination, air defence centres, deployable systems, Command, Control, Communication and Information (C3I) Centres and other ACCS entities. Intercom facilities give ASBE operators communication with each other.

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  NOI release:

14 April 2020

NOI closing:

30 September 2021

Expected contract award:

Q4 2022

  IFB/RFQ release:

Q2 2022

IFB/RFQ closing:

Q3 2022

Entry Last Modified:

17 Apr 2020

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