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03 28 2014

Visit of Portuguese National Defence Policy Director Mr Nuno Pinheiro Torres to the NCI Agency

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Mr Pinheiro Torres was accompanied by a Military Counsellor of the Portuguese National Delegation to NATO, Commander Sérgio da Silva Pinto and the Project Manager for the Smart Defence Cyber Defence Education and Training (CD E&T) Project, Lieutenant Colonel Paulo Viegas Nunes. The discussion included the Smart Defence CD E&T Project, the move of the NATO CIS School and progress on a C4ISR Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Portugal and NCI Agency.

Mr Lievre outlined the NCI Agency approach to cooperation, including how to develop a Multi-year Programme of Work, which is the next step after signing a C4ISR MoU, as well as providing an overview of current cooperation with Portugal and giving a number of examples of cooperation activities that have provided direct benefits to the nations.

It was agreed that good progress was being made on the C4ISR MoU and we look forward to signing the agreement in the coming months. Mr Pinheiro Torres expressed his appreciation for the support that NCI Agency had provided so far to the Smart Defence CD E&T Project, for which Portugal is the lead nation. The project has got off to a good start with eight nations so far showing an interest and he looked forward to the Project Kick Off meeting on 8 May. Regarding the NATO CIS School, Mr Pinheiro Torres was keen that Portugal continues to work closely with the NCI Agency, not only on the move of the School but also on helping to shape its future and Portugal was looking forward to further discussions during the upcoming visit of the NCI Agency Chief of Staff, Major General Luis Andrey and Director of Application Services, Mr Guy Feat to the Portuguese MoD.

Overall it was a very positive meeting, underpinning the strong relationship between Portugal and the NCI Agency, with Mr Pinheiro Torres concluding by expressing Portugal´s desire to become more involved in both Multinational and Bilateral projects.