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05 27 2014

VADM Grooms, Deputy Chief of Staff Capability Development ACT visited the Agency

VADM Bruce E Grooms, Deputy Chief of Staff Capability Development to Allied Command Transformation (ACT), visited the NCI Agency in The Hague 13-14 May 2014.

During the visit DCOS CD was briefed on Application Services and received updates on the Bi-SC AIS Programme complemented by lab tours and demonstrations. The demonstrations showed the agency C4ISR contributions to past operations like Operation Unified Protector (Libya), current support to ISAF and also included demonstrations of future BiSC AIS Programme capabilities like AirC2IS, NCOP and LC2IS and the need to focus on the integration aspects. A key topic of discussion was the need to refine the harmonization of the ACT Programme of Work in line with upcoming FAS projects.

VADM Grooms had an open and extensive discussion on the role of Operational Analysis and NCI Agency's support to ACT in the NATO Defence Planning Process (NDPP). He was impressed by the knowledge of the OA Service line briefing team and gave reassurance that the Agency was playing its supportive role in the NDPP correctly. The role of the OA Service Line in the enhanced-NDPP was also discussed. VADM Grooms' visit was much appreciated.

The visit also offered the opportunity for the Admiral to be updated on the status of IT Modernization, Cyber Security and to receive a brief and view a demonstration on Ballistic Missile Defence. During the visit there was an opportunity to hold the second DNBL Board of Directors Meeting.

The General Manager will continue the close working relationship with DCOS CD when he visits ACT in June.