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09 11 2017

UK visit to NCI Agency Cyber Security Centre

Mr Mark Lancaster, UK Minister of State for the Armed Forces, last week visited the NCI Agency's cyber security facilities in Mons, Belgium.

The visit was hosted by the Agency's General Manager Mr Kevin J Scheid, who also welcomed General Sir James Everard, Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe (DSACEUR), and Major General Walter Huhn, Deputy Chief of Staff J6 and Cyber at NATO's Allied Command Operations.

At the NCI Agency Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the visitors were briefed on the Alliance's cyber defence capabilities by Dr Gregory Edwards, NCI Agency Director of Infrastructure Services, Mr Ian West, Chief of Cyber Security, and Mr Frederic Jordan, Head of the Cyber Security Capability Development Branch.

The Minister was introduced to the Agency's cyber mission, which is to defend the NATO Enterprise networks enabling mission assurance, as well as assuring the wide range of other critical Alliance activities such as Consultation, Logistics and Collaboration. Mr Lancaster also had the chance to view some of the equipment of the Agency's Rapid Reaction Team, which delivers cyber security where and when NATO needs it.

UK visit to NCI Agency Cyber Security Centre