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03 8 2024

The NCI Agency celebrates International Women's Day

On 8 March, the world observes International Women's Day, a day dedicated to celebrating and acknowledging the remarkable achievements of women. The occasion is also an opportunity to raise awareness of the gender-based economic, cultural, social and political inequalities women continue to face.

At the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency), we are committed to equality and strive to inspire the inclusion of people of all genders in every aspect of our organization.

Every year on International Women's Day, we spotlight the invaluable work of our Agency staff and their commitment to NATO's mission. We continue this tradition this year and invite you to go a step further in challenging biases to inspire inclusion.

The NCI Agency celebrates International Women's Day

Megan Brown, Senior Technician

Megan Brown is a senior Technician at the NCI Agency's Communications and Information Support Unit (CSU) in Brussels. Brown provides multi-level technical and information technology (IT) support to end-users as part of the ICT Service Centre team. The team installs, maintains and operates the full range of end-user computing, printing and network devices required to deliver core functional IT services and applications for users across NATO. As one of the very few women in each of the technical teams that she has been a part of throughout her career, Brown naturally raises visibility and the voices of women within the industry by challenging the status quo.

"I inspire others by breaking the stereotype and showcasing that women are capable in such roles. Inclusion of women should be a no-brainer, but we can help to achieve it by speaking out, championing diversity, and making sure everyone has a seat at the table!"

Ivana Ilic Mestric, a Senior Data Scientist

Ivana Ilic Mestric is one of the founders of the NCI Agency's Data Science and Artificial Intelligence team. Using emerging and disruptive technologies such as artificial Intelligence (AI), Ilic Mestric is able to apply innovative approaches and complex algorithms to capture emerging technology trends and sift through large amounts of information to generate insights. These insights inform the decision-making and readiness of NATO's operational community and enables NATO to prepare for future technological changes, opportunities and threats.

"I lead by example and work consciously on inclusion every day. I always try to give people the opportunity to contribute and express their views. By doing this, it is quite easy to demonstrate that embracing the diversity of people, ideas and views always brings much more value and enjoyment for everyone."

Sarah Brown, Cyber Security Lead

Since joining the NCI Agency, Sarah Brown has helped lay the groundwork for NATO's Cloud Security Technical Directive and was one of two NCI Agency representatives that supported the NATO Enterprise Cyber Adaptation Project led by the Deputy Secretary General. Brown also led the team that developed the NCI Agency's first Cyber Security Strategy. As Cyber Security Lead in the Agency's Chief Information Office, Brown works on fortifying the NATO's cyber defence and enforcing adaptability and resilience into NATO's cyber activities.

"In my day to day work, I strive to take on challenging assignments and contribute at a high level, work collaboratively with others, encourage others to speak up for themselves and bring their whole selves to work."

Josephine, Senior Legal Counsel

As a Senior Legal Counsel, Josephine works within the Legal Office of the NCI Agency. Josephine utilizes her military service expertise as a Captain in the French Army and knowledge of international law to advise the Agency on a range of topics including cyber security, procurement activities and all other significant legal matters relevant to the Agency.

"I inspire inclusion through being myself. I am a woman Officer in the French Army. I am trying to conciliate my military duties, my legal career and my family life daily. I want to be present for my children and make them realize women can lead every challenge they want."